Change Lab Consulting
Change Lab Consulting

Helping you be the change you want to see


Change Lab offers tailored support to individuals who are contemplating or going through a career-related transition. The coaching process will give you the tools and support you need to build the career you want. Career coaching could be an option for you if:


  • You persistently feel unsatisfied in your job (and moving job several times has made no difference)
  • You long to do something different with your career but are unsure of what to do
  • You have been contemplating a change for some time but have found yourself doing a lot of thinking and not taking very much action (analysis paralysis)
  • You feel like a square peg in a round hole at work



Understanding why you are feeling stuck and articulating what you want to do about it.




Exploring who you are and understanding strengths. This may involve various profiling tools.


Moving on

Planning your transition and helping you take steps forward towards your chosen goals.



Career coaching is offered over the phone or via Skype/Google Hangouts.


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